INNO IFS-15 Splicer Kit Currently On Sale with 2-Year Warranty.
Complete Inno IFS-15 Splicer Kit FiberMaster PRO Installer Kits, Available Now and In Stock Ready to Ship.


Weight 1.82kg without battery
Applicable Fibers SM(ITU-TG.652)/MM(ITU-TG.651)/DS(ITU-TG.653)/NZDS(ITU-TG.655)/ITU-TG.657A/ITU-TG.657B
Compatible Fiber/Cable 0.25mm/0.9mm/2.0mm/2.4mm/3.0mm/ Flat cable
Fiber Count Single Core
Fiber Holder Replaceable (Standard: FH-40, Optional: FH-10, FH-ST, FH-SC)
Fiber Diameter Cladding:80-150µm/Coating:100-1000µm
Fiber Cleave Length Diameter 250µm-1000µm: cleave length 8-16mm
Splice Mode Max/Preset 64/24
Typical Splice Loss SM:0.02dB/MM:0.01dB/DS:0.04dB/NZDS:0.04dB/G.657:0.02dB (ITU-T Standard)
Return Loss >>60dB
Splicing Time SM Quick Mode:7second
Estimated Splice Loss Yes
Attenuation Splicing 0.1dB-20dB (0.1dB step)
Heat Oven/Heating Time Heat Mode: 32/Heating Time (Typical): 35 second
Applicable Protection
Sleeve Length
10mm, 20mm, 30mm, 40mm, 50mm, 60mm
Results Storage The last 2000 results
Mechanical Proof Test 1.96~2.25N [Based on the fiber count]
Operating Condition Operating Altitude:0-5000meter above sea level, 95% relative humidity, - 10~50°C, Max Wind 15m/s
Storage Condition 0~95% relative humidity, -40~80°C, Battery: -20~ 30 °C
Size/ Color 155*130*137(L*W*H)/ Eco-green
Display 2 Cameras and 4.3 inch color LCD monitor (with high resolution and shock-proof protect surface)
Fiber View & Magnification X/Y 300X, 180X
Power DC 18V Power Supply
No of splice/Heating
with Battery
Typical 157 times(Splice + Heat) / Splice + Heat=26.7mA/per time Battery:4200mAh
Electrode 2500 Times Splicing
Terminal USB 2.0/RS232 (for storage and upgrading)
Other Functions

IFS-15H Exclusive Software /Exclusive Heat Oven-for splice-on connector/Splice and Heat mode for connectors

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